Lampe Marina Fish Cleaning Station Project Receives Additional PFBC Funding

HARRISBURG – The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) has approved a $100,000 grant for the Erie-Western Port Authority’s Lampe Marina Fish Cleaning Station, according to Sen. Dan Laughlin (R-49), who chairs the Senate Game and Fisheries Committee.

“The Port Authority, recreational anglers and charter boat captains have been struggling for years to manage the waste generated from cleaning fish,” Laughlin said. “To help address that problem, the PFBC in 2021 approved an initial $150,000 grant to construct a refrigerated building, for the storage of fish remains, and a fish cleaning station at Lampe Marina on Lake Erie. However, during the engineering phase of the project, it was determined an additional $100,000 would be needed to complete the project because of increased material and construction costs.”

The expanded Lake Erie program project grant will ensure the work is completed, with the construction to include a larger concrete pad for a second fish cleaning table, water service, wastewater drains, a roof and enclosure with sidewalls for the cooler building, and a chain-link fence to secure the facility.

“The additional funding will ensure the facility has features similar to other popular fish cleaning stations in the area, with the Lampe Marina station to be the third such station to be constructed on Lake Erie, along with the stations at the Walnut Creek Access Area and the North East Marina,” said Laughlin. “I’m happy to have helped make these stations a reality as they have been needed in Erie County for decades.”

The grant program is funded through proceeds from the sale of Lake Erie permits to be used for projects that benefit public fishing on or at Lake Erie, Presque Isle Bay and their tributaries.

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